Month: March 2011

Three outgoing SMTP mail server

Wow what fun we have with sending mail via the various broadband providers in Ireland. As you might be aware receiving an email is usually no problem and people get mail via the email provider, so Eircom customers get mail from and most companies get mail from etc. I have spoken about this before arising in questions about which smtp server to use etc Sending mail is different. In order to cut down …

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Firefox 4 download

Thinking of upgrading your web browser then a new version of Mozilla Firefox 4 is now available to download from their website. We have been using the Beta version for a few weeks now and it appears that they have worked on the speed issues that was causing it to run slowly. Speed is King ! As mentioned in previous posts, speed when browsing the net is at the forefront of web development these days …

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Cada goes Quad Core.

We have upgraded our servers today to take advantage of Quad Core processing. This meant the downtime for 15 minutes during lunch time while our engineer Brian installed the 2 new Intell processors. So what, I’m bored already! Well if this news doesn’t float your boat or give you a tingle, it should because it does for us and our hosting customers. The internet is more that just a place to upload a brochure saying …

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Server Upgrade Today!

Hi folks, Quick notice that at 13:30 today the server will be down for 15 minutes while we carry out an upgrade. It will be back on-line when the installation is complete. Apologies for late notice, but this is a necessary upgrade for all concerned. More details once it is completed .

Download Internet Explorer 9 !

Yes, its here Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, the all new and improved and apparently faster version of their browser. As the competition heats up for browsers that have better compatibility for HTML 5 Microsoft have launched their latest version now. Side effects will include the dropping of support for older versions of Internet Explorer and even dropping of support for its support for it running on older operating systems such as Windows XP! So get yourself a fresh browser …

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Spectrum Home Improvements Website

Good to see that business in the construction industry is not totally gone when we spoke to the owner of this business, Spectrum Home Improvements. Pat Dunne asked us to work with him in securing a domain name and business hosting for his company. Pat has been in business for may years in various areas of construction and all the while supplying quality products including Doors Windows Conservatories Patios Composite Doors Sash Windows Services supplied …

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Server RAID system back online

Just a quick note to let our hosting customers know that our main hosting server is back on-line as of last night at 1:45am. The server has a multiple hard disk system that duplicates the content called a RAID system. One of these hard disks was failing last week and we had to be replaced. The server then needed to synchronise the data between the disks. The hard disk was trying to synchronise,while fetching and …

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Design your website for your customers, not you!

With one of the busiest weeks nearly over and many meetings with new clients completed, I found myself repeating the same phrases over and over again. As many of our employees have heard me say in the office over the years as I end up explaining layout and design to the customers. The website we create is for their customers and not themselves. Often they mix up what they personally like and what is best …

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Facebook Live Updates!

Anyone see the new feature on Facebook whereby they are updating the comments live on the page without the refresh the page. I was having a chat with a web designer in Leitrim called Leon Quinn when the comments were popping up live. Another demonstration that websites are living and breathing animals that are always changing and adapting. Instant Updates. These are all the trend these days as people are growing up in a instant …

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Pc Repair in Gorey

We saw a sign in Gorey recently for a new Pc Repair service in Gorey and called in to say hello. They based up above street level beside Wreckless Skate Shop, over what was Pooles, or the Bank or Katie Daly’s as its know now depending how old you are! The pc repair centre is also involved in Pc Sales and Servicing as well as mobile phones and laptop repair. For more details see …

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Fine Gael Programme for Government

Great to see that the items I talked about to candidates during the election have been put into the Programme for Government with a great use of the Internet as a means of getting this country off it’s knees and gaining us some respect in Europe. Some of the items in the new programme include better use of Cloud Computing and making Ireland an digital Island. This document lays out the plans for serious development …

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Server Upgrade

I would like to let our hosting customers know that at 8am on Thursday 10th March 2011, we are upgrading the main hosting server. The upgrade will take approximately 15 minutes to perform services will resume once the server is booted. If you have any questions before this takes place then give me a call on 053 9430748.

Trade Show photos

Here’s a slide show with some images from the BNI Trade show in Gorey last week. You can also visit the website of the Falcon Chaper to see the images .

Social Media Mum

I have a contact who is a Social Media Mum as she calls her self and if looking for work maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts for small businesses in the Wexford area. She love Facebook and currenmtly runs campaigns for Driving schools and Florists etc. If you are looking for this type of service for your buisiness and would like to farm it out to someone then give me a call and I will put …

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Building links to my website

I was researching on-line this morning and looked for a specific website here in the South East that had a “blog” with their news on it. Great idea to have a blog as it informs the public of your company news and events and creates communication between you and your customer in a less formal method than a website, but not as casual as maybe Facbook. April 2009 News ! This was the last entry …

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