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Wicklow Leader now Wicklow Partnership!

Well this isn’t strictly correct as they have been amalgamated with two other bodies for a while now, but as of from today the website is now switched over. That is www.WicklowLeader.ie is now pointing to www.WicklowPartership.ie Ok , not so exciting as you think, but hey this is what we do and its important to get […]

Benefits of an online shop

In a meeting today I was demonstrating an online shop to a business and showing them how the administration panel would look like and then potential customer noticed that there were 318 customers on the site at the one time as the system shows us the number of users online. How many people fit into […]

Printers love web designers!

Only two minutes after writing the last blog post the phone rings and its a client who set up a website with us last year and we registered a domain name for them. The reminder renewal was sent out on the first of March 2011. It has since expired and their domain name was bought […]

Sending out Reminder Notices?

I would just like to reminder our own customers, that when you receive a renewal invoice for our services including: Spam Filtering Domain Names Web Hosting Web Marketing Maintenance Support Priority Support Please remember that as this is the Notice of Reminder for the services we provide you. The invoice would be an annual fee […]

Plant Hire in Wexford Website

Today’s mini website is for a Plant hire business based in Enniscorthy called Dempsey Plant Hire. They are a family business with tonnes of experiences in the construction and building industry (Yes,  the pun was intended!) We have created a mini website to help them get their first foot on the Internet ladder. Often when a business is moving […]

Spring clean your website?

One of the questions we get asked about this time of year is to give websites a spring clean and to freshen them up. Yes, it can be done, but usually a question I have to ask is what would they like. Websites are not just brochures for the business, they are a piece working […]

Building your online Reputation?

This is a question we get asked all the time, telephone calls come into the office asking how a business get get higher in Google or how they can come up for various searches. Well the answer is not simple, but following a few simple step can help. Start off by  . . Keeping your […]

Giggles the Clown Website

When I told my girlfriend that I had to go into the office for a meeting with a clown, she told me not to talk about a client like that. But its wasn’t me being rude to a client is was simply me talking about of latest customer! Clowns on the Street. Giggles the clown, […]

Financial Control & Direction

Managing your business finances and analysing the spend of every item and lead to great saving and a better focus on the true direction of where a company is headed. These are some of the items we learnt when we stared reading the content our one of our latest projects. Aidan Clince, a qualified accountant offers his services in […]

Server Upgrade #2

We are upgrading again! Yes, I know, it means about 10 minutes of downtime and a pain in the backside for you and me, but hey it will all be worth it in the end. As mentioned previously speed is getting to be a vital issue with many applications now running on-line and our clients are asking each week […]

Living the Wild Life on RTE

Great to see one of our clients featured alongside some of Ireland’s best wildlife on tonight show of “Living the Wild Life” on national TV. Scubadive West are a family run diving resort situated on the famous Killary Fjord on Ireland west coast. Some of the best diving in Europe is said to be had […]