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Southeast Mortgage Brokers Website

Macro shot of increase in mortgage rate concept

We were approached by a local mortgage brokers in North Wexford to manage their website. We knew the client well as they were already a major players in the financial services sector in Gorey and surrounding area. Philip Cullen of Southeast Mortgage & Financial Services, a qualified financial adviser offers his services in a non-technical […]

Krystle Smith Website

We were happy to be approached by an Arklow based charity to help her get her website back after the domain name and hosting had expired. With over 13 years experience and contacts in the industry we were able to get everything within two weeks after been contacted. We managed to track down the previous […]

Somebody took my domain name? GRRRR

We recently had a meeting with a new business starting out here in the Southeast. We met, discussed their intension’s and objectives etc. At this point they had not even registered their business name with the companies office So they registered as a Sole Trader and used the name that they wished to trade under. […]

If I had a euro . . .

If I got a Euro for every call I get to the office asking can we help companies track down their web designer as their domain name has expired and he has apparently moved aboard. Emails lost, website lost, google position lost, orders lost, credibility lost. In some instances we can help them as we […]

Building your online Reputation?

This is a question we get asked all the time, telephone calls come into the office asking how a business get get higher in Google or how they can come up for various searches. Well the answer is not simple, but following a few simple step can help. Start off by  . . Keeping your […]

My website was stolen?

Indeed a strange statement to hear over the phone, but never the less one that is getting more and more common these days as we hear about companies and businesses in the southeast who have gone to look at their website to find it’s gone. Replaced with advertising for other websites selling similar products and […]

Cyber squatters in ireland

Yes, it’s true they havent gone away and in fact we’ve found a few here in Wexford. Driving to meet a client for lunch the other day I noticed a sign near Gorey advertising a new business currently under construction. It’s a fairly big development with massive sign so you guess that they have looked […]

American Domain Name Renewal Group

If you have recieved a “Renewal Notice” that is not from ourselves similar to the following scan please be aware that this is not from ourselves. It is a company in the United States trying to get you to transfer the domain name Rip it Up and Shred It.

Starting a business in Wexford?

If you are thinking of starting a business in Wexford, now is a great time, believe it or not even with the downturn in global economy there are advantages and one of the main one we have noticed is the amount of domain names flooding back onto to the market. Like shares in companies that […]

Irish Domain Name disputes

Again and again we advise our clients and business owners that they should register their domain name to secure their online identity. Registering your Business Name with the Companies office is not good enough. That only means that you intent to trade or might trade using that name. It also allows you to therefore now […]

Internet Register Ireland Letter – SCAM (Throw It Away)

We are letting our clients know that if they get a letter in the post today asking for the renewal of their domain in an internet directory the DELETE it, of SHRED IT, Its a German company asking you for €958 so they can put a link to your website on theirs…… Internet Register Ireland […]

Choosing a Domain Name?

There are a number of issues you should think about when registering the right domain name for your business or company. Here’s our quick guide to getting the right domain name:asy to Rememeber Short Domain Name The best domain Entention Can people spell it ? Does it explain your business? Stick to the main stream, […]