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Goldenpages have a deal with google?!

A question arose today where a caller to the office was wondering if Truvo / Golden Pages had done a deal with Google. The answer is Yes, but so has everyone who has a Google Account ! Looking further it looks like they are just selling Google Adword. What are Google Adwords? This is a method by which you pay Google to display an advert for a search word or phrase someones looks up. These …

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Managing Google Adword campaigns?

So there I was today having lunch with a Internet Marketing guy I know in the Amber Springs hotel in Gorey and the two of us going on about how to manage adword campaings successfully and then we discussed the different methods of managing them, different keywords to use, different settings. . . localisation and so on and then we talked about pricing for such a service . . . We both agreed and found …

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Truvo selling advertising?

It looks like that Truvo Ireland are the latest company finding that other business are approaching their clients and requesting that they spend their advertising budget with them. A few weeks ago we had UK companies calling our clients leading the client to believe they were Google. Many believed it and signed up to a Google adword campaign and paying over £150 per month on pay per click advertising worth only 20 euro a month. …

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Letter from Google? €50 spend on Adwords?

If you are one of the many companies wondering why Google as chosen you to write to and offer you a free €50 Euro Voucher to spend on Google Adword Campaign well then you are not alone. Many business around Ireland have received a letter from Google in the past 3 weeks giving them this free Voucher. This is not a scam, it is a real offer from Google! Enjoy it, Use it, Spend It …

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UK Company Ringing our Clients about being “No 1 in Google”

We have had a number of clients call complaining that they are being harassed by a UK company telling them that for a small amount each week they can get on top of google. This UK company have NO affiliation with Google and are not calling on their behalf. YES, you can, but you must pay Google. Google adwords is a system that you “Pay Per Click” to be listed at the top of their …

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Everyone has a website but doesn’t know what to do with it!

10 Tips to Marketing your business. More and more these days we are getting inquiries about how people want to get their website out there and noticed. We have written a number of articles about marketing your website and marketing plans that people have run to promote their business online. So I think its time to give the general business owner or new admin staff who are googling on their behalf a few tips on …

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