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Southeast Mortgage Brokers Website

We were approached by a local mortgage brokers in North Wexford to manage their website. We knew the client well as they were already a major players in the financial services sector in Gorey and surrounding area. Philip Cullen of Southeast Mortgage & Financial Services, a qualified financial adviser offers his services in a non-technical language that is easy to understand. We worked closely with Philip and content writer Caroline Kidd from Changing Lanes who …

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Irish Car Auctions

Some times we get asked to update a small website to make it more user friendly for the owners to manage the site themselves. This is a quick example how how we updated a website and gave the owners a easy-to-use content management system. It’s fast, functional and friendly to use.

Car Garage Website

Car sales in Gorey are are the increase and I thinks it might be down to these people out in nearby Clough on the old Gorey to Enniscorthy road. The service station there has been taken over and converted into a Car sales forecourt. The man responsible for the transformation of this little village is Nathan Kayley. An entrepreneur in his own right, Nathan has a number of businesses and his management skills are showing …

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Casa Pepe in Gorey

We were very happy to be asked to come on board and partner up with a local restaurant for their online marketing. They had dealt with other web designers and graphic designer in the past but were looking for someone to also help them with the entire online marketing issue. This is exactly the type of project that we love as we have bring years of experience to the table and there is no need …

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Grease Traps in Ireland

This project was a revamp or redesign job for a client that we have been working with for nearly 10 years and we were happy to help them in their progression online. They had an older HTML style website and needed to move over to a newer content managed site so the administration could be taken care of internally within the company. We called out to their premises and met and discussed their needs. We then …

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Help Google Help You !

When we are starting off a project we always advice the client start with putting up a holding page with some content to get the search engines interested. It is often the case that we hear of people putting up a site and then later getting a call to say its not on the first page of Google. This may sound funny to some, but in reality it is often assumed that getting to the …

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Design your website for your customers, not you!

With one of the busiest weeks nearly over and many meetings with new clients completed, I found myself repeating the same phrases over and over again. As many of our employees have heard me say in the office over the years as I end up explaining layout and design to the customers. The website we create is for their customers and not themselves. Often they mix up what they personally like and what is best …

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Is revamping a website is worth while?

We get asked from time to time is it worth while revamping a website as people feel they already have a site for their business and it’s ok. But in this day and age of where people assume that if your website still has news from two years ago that you are actually gone bust! Yes, dated websites are doing you no favours when you are trying to get business on-line. Revamp rev up and …

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Redesigning a website?

We get a number of calls this time of year asking can we look after getting a website redesigned. We of course are delighted of the opportunity to demonstrate of ability to take what maybe be an outdated in terms of looks, but also in modern capabilities. Some site we come cross are HTML and need to be updated by contacting the original website designer or by the clients themselves delving into editing HTML and …

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Website Design Basic Rules

Website Design Rules There are so many myths and ideas that are floated around the net these days and we have heard most of them. Multi Media students are always over loading site with heavy flash or fecking intro pages that take a few seconds to download and when there are ready you just have another button to click on to actually get into the website so now I’m just going to name a few …

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404 Error Page !

A 404 error page can be a static or a dynamic page depending on the type of website you have, It is the page that shows the “page not found” error message if a page has been deleted or removed. It is recommended that you provide the search engines, robots etc with a 404 page to help them index the site completely. If you have a content managed site then this facility should be taken …

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Web Development

Detergent Ingredients Visit : This website provides information on detergents as required under the European Detergents Regulations (EC No. 648/2004) Website Development Web Design Search Engine Optimization Domain Registration Application Development

Web Check – Failte Ireland

Failte Ireland have given the contract to review and amend websites to 44 of it’s memebers to Terry Murphy Media in Waterford. If you are looking for your website to be reviewed and given a fresh look for 2009 then please let us know. The desicion of Failte Ireland to start looking seriously at the Internet is to be commended as we have been saying this to Tourist operators for many year. After working in …

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