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Southeast Mortgage Brokers Website

We were approached by a local mortgage brokers in North Wexford to manage their website. We knew the client well as they were already a major players in the financial services sector in Gorey and surrounding area. Philip Cullen of Southeast Mortgage & Financial Services, a qualified financial adviser offers his services in a non-technical language that is easy to understand. We worked closely with Philip and content writer Caroline Kidd from Changing Lanes who …

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Google Chrome – Title Meta Tag?

For those of you out there who are into the web and SEO etc, do you know if Google have decreased the emphasis on the title Meta Tag as they are no longer displaying the website title in their browser “Google Chrome. Just wondering if anyone has read up about this ? Thanks Dave

Google Alerts not used!

Google have been contacting the people to who use their email alert service to tell them that due to the fact that not many people actually using the service they provide, they will be altering the way in works in the future. Interesting to see that people are not using it as we know that it can be an important tool when doing search engine optimisation and general web marketing for companies. Google Alerts Basically …

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Black Hat Trick SEO works?

I had a good telephone call from a client who knows his stuff when it comes to web search engine optimisation (SEO) and he has decided to set up another few smaller sites to see how he can create more traffic to his main website using these Gateway pages or sites. He’s pissed off listening to myself and other professionals in the business yabbering on about how you must only use the correct structure in …

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What is Link Building?

I was at a business meeting this morning and I allowed give a quick presentation about the Internet and so I talked about an interesting part of the web industry called “Link Building” as part of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. I started by trying to make a similarity of a link on a website to a verbal referral from a business colleague. The more of my business colleagues that let their friends and staff …

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How to get to the top of Google?

Google’s listing, How do they work? We have had a number of inquiries from companies this week asking us to help them get on top of Google.  It’s interesting to see how the “recession in the building trade” has pushed into many other aspects of life in Ireland. One inquiry today asked if we could create a script to refresh a website so that I will appear higher in Google? Is this true If I …

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Web Updates

Web Updates – keeping your website up to date If you got your website done as long ago as early last year ( in internet terms= a few years ago) there may be a few simple updates / changes that could reap you huge benefits. with such advances in spam protection, seo optimisation tools and online marketing methods we at Cada Media Ltd are sure to be able to provide you with advice, direction and …

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Google warns of companies selling SEO

We had two Irish companies on to us today asking us about Uk Companies harassing them to take up Monthly Search Engine Optimisation SEO Packages with them promising to get them to the top of Google in Minutes and be there for a month. Please if this has happened to you, be warned and first read what Google have to say about these type of People Any questions give me a call, Dave 053 …

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Google Changing in 2009

Google has changed. Yes, Google have changed their algorithm as we have been writing about since last year. It seems that many people came back to work this week to find their website gone from it’s usual place in the search engine. Expect more of this in 2009 as “Rich Media” plays a bigger role in getting listed in Google. See :

Matt Cutts from Google interviewed.

Matt Cutts from Google was interviewed in Las Vagas at the PubCon show recently and he pointed out a number of changes that are going to be happening in Google in the new year. He talked about the user experience gaining in priority and that a move towards personalisation is very important. Meaning that the website content for searches must be geared towards the users and not just writing for search engines. Google basically will …

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Everyone has a website but doesn’t know what to do with it!

10 Tips to Marketing your business. More and more these days we are getting inquiries about how people want to get their website out there and noticed. We have written a number of articles about marketing your website and marketing plans that people have run to promote their business online. So I think its time to give the general business owner or new admin staff who are googling on their behalf a few tips on …

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Search Engine Engine Strategies

Search engines are all about new fresh content, we are saying this on a daily basis to our clients and prospective customers. Search engines was to see who’s say what and how mush are you saying about your field of expertise. Thus I’m writing this ! I would suggest uploading new content each day, but at least each week. Websites are looked upon like newspapers, you don’t read them twice. so if you have a …

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Think about who is your Target Market?

When you are looking at your site hits and pageviews etc and wondering about where to generate more traffic for your site make sure to think about who your target market is and where are they? If the people you are reacing for are in the UK or Germany then start to think about the search engine that they might be using. Many people in Ireland assume that it is Google, but our statistics and …

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Google Dropped my site?

Google will and can drop your website if the domain names expires. This is often the case when you forget to pay for the domain renewal. If your hosting or web development company sends you an invoice for “Renewal” pay attention to it. Today we had a company call in asking why their website had “dissapeared”. We looked up who registered their domain and found that it was “suspended” as they had not paid their …

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Good web copy / Sitemaps / Landing page?

Create search engine friendly content, gone are the days of inserting paragraphs of keywords to fool search engines into thinking the content o fhtat page was abut that topic. Now they know the difference and will in fact penalise you for doing so (told ye!) Write for people, knowing that search engines will be reading but remember to keep your keyword dessity to about 2%. If you are using the word too often in a …

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