"The Web is Everywhere,
Be Part of it !"

Upgrade your Internet Browser?

We often get into conversations with clients about the Internet browsers they are using. Many don’t think of upgrading it to a newer version or installing an entirely new browser such as Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Maxthon Internet Explorer Opera Why upgrade your browser? Your current browser displays the web as you like […]

Speed Dating in Wexford?

Someone in our local chapter of BNI here in Gorey described our meetings like that once and I think it sorta stuck with me as I can see the similarity in some ways. What he was referring to was a meeting of BNI in Wexford and they way that it is structured and organised to […]

Cant send emails?

BT taken over by Vodafone Great news for some, hassle and agro for others! If you are a BT broadband customers and you have found that you can not send emails since last week it might be due to the new settings that you will have to make to your our going server in your […]

Goldenpages have a deal with google?!

A question arose today where a caller to the office was wondering if Truvo / Golden Pages had done a deal with Google. The answer is Yes, but so has everyone who has a Google Account ! Looking further it looks like they are just selling Google Adword. What are Google Adwords? This is a […]

Online shops Storage

We have worked on many online shops over the years and one of the funny things to come up in the conversation is the ability to run a business from a private house, especially if you have a family. Running an online shop and using the house as storage often leads to issues with storage […]

Facebook Fan or Friends Page?

Well this discussion has been going on for a while now as many businesses found that they didn’t like that Fan pages as the interactivity was very one way and that they felt that they only put announcements on their Facebook page but then they changed and set up a friends page that they had […]

DoneDeal.ie or DoneADeal.ie?

Driving home the other day I saw a sign at a junction for a website called www.DoneADeal.ie At a second glance I noticed at “a” admist the address, so the website wasn’t our friends in Wexford who run www.donedeal.ie but in fact a new site. Maybe they are trying to do the same task i […]

Does “size” matter? !!

Yes,  the age old question that every web designer looses sleep over, Does Size Matter? Does Size Matter? Deos Size Matter? The answer is yes, for over 10 years now we have been creating websites that abide to Google Webmaster rule and keep website page small in order to help keep the Size of the […]

Cloud Camp Dublin

Just a quick word to say thatnks to everyone in organising the CloudCamp in Dublin this week. A great event covering fantastic topics from database archituecture in the Cloud, Data Protection, Storage and many more. These type of events are great for business networking and helping each business involved in designing web applications of the […]

Team Building in Wexford

This is just one of the services being offered by this brand new facility based in North Wexford in Courtown Harbour. An exciting and challenging team building course was the highlight of my afternoon today, being shown around the 13m high timber clad structure at the Forest Park Leisure Centre. Driving into the car park […]

The Web is Everywhere, Be Part of It

This is our slogan or catch line at Cada Media Ltd, we have been telling companies for years that the web is not only on your pc at home or in your office, but it is everywhere. This week see’s Free Wi Fi broadband being tested on the railway system from Dublin to Cork route, […]

How much does web marketing costs?

Marketing planning strategy

This is a very interesting question and one that comes up all the time, even today we have a caller to the office looking for a price for “web marketing”. Trying not to bore them with the different options I explained that it depends on how much they wish to spend and the scale of […]

Networking in Wexford

As many people might already know, we at Cada Media Ltd are proud members of the local chapter of BNI, Business Network International. The local Gorey chapter has weekly networking meetings where we help grow each others business by looking out for referrals for each other. This network model is an americian philosphy that is […]

Has Google changed?

Yes, is the answer. The latest changes to the number one search engine in Ireland has finally come online. These latest updates to it’s functionality are pushing the ability of local search right down to the county level. Before we were able to choose by the world or pages from Ireland. Now we can step […]