Architects in Wexford

new websiteWe were approached by a local architect to revamp their website. They had a website already, but were looking for something new, something different, so we met with them at their offices in Gorey in Co. Wexford.

Working with other “designers” can be a challenge as there are always restrictions or boundaries in every area of design. We listened closely to Michael Molloy of Molloy Architects & Design Studio to give them a website that would show off their own innovative creations when it comes to designing buildings.

Our design needed to

  • Fit in with modern family  life.
  • Be something the owners could live with.
  • Stand up to modern regulations.
  • Be easy to use everyday.

These may sound like design specification for a house, but it applies to websites too. So we have to accommodate many factors into a new modern website too. Micheal also understands that modern life means modern methods of construction and so the new website is fully mobile device friendly and also works well on tablet as we as standard pc’s and laptops.

Services include:

  • Domain Name Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Email processing
  • Web Redesign
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google indexing
  • Web Marketing

Best wishes for the business and we wish Mick & Sheila continued success with the company.

Grease Traps in Ireland

website13This project was a revamp or redesign job for a client that we have been working with for nearly 10 years and we were happy to help them in their progression online. They had an older HTML style website and needed to move over to a newer content managed site so the administration could be taken care of internally within the company. We called out to their premises and met and discussed their needs. We then set about redesigning the site to be a clean and crisp site that was easy to navigate. Their new website is Bespoke to Bio Grease Solutions Ltd and their specifications of layout and design.

The new site has been fully optimised and ranks on the first page of search engines for its hey phrases. Therefore working for the client as a digital sales rep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Services include:

  • Domain Name Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Web ReDesign
  • Consultancy
  • Online Marketing
  • Google Ranking Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation

We would like to wish Geraldine and her team the very best and wish them well in their business. If you would like to get your website revamped then please don’y hesitate to get in contact today. Tel: 053 9430748



Edmund Burke Institute Website Revamp

edmundburke-screenOften we get asked to help existing websites and give them an overhaul. In this case it was a project to work in tandem with the sites existing webmaster. We met up with Richard Miller who is involved with the site and discussed the possibilities that the  were available with use of Content Management Software(CMS).

Richard and I set about putting together and plan for the new site and how best to take the content from the previous HTML version to the new CMS website. With the plan in place we then set about with bringing our new Webmaster student to a new level of web authoring and teaching Richard the ins and outs of the chosen platform. In this case we choose WordPress as that suited his needs and skills set.

The user interface and easy of use soon had Richard hooked and the training turned into a pleasure as he got the hang of it very quickly and I can say, “Enjoyed” the sessions and he could really see how he could develop the site from here on in.

I’d like to wish him the very best with the site in the future.

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Nursing Homes in Enniscorthy

screengrabWe were recommended to the owners of a Nursing Home in Enniscorthy to create a website for their business. They are actually one of the first nursing homes in the county and the buildings were purpose-built. We set up a meeting and put a plan in place to create a website. Running through the various options and steps involved, such as securing a domain name, gathering the content and providing website hosting.

We engaged the services of John Timmons of  JT Photography to best capture the nursing home and its surroundings. Being the start of January I thought I was giving him a difficult task, but the combination of the two worked well together. A lovely place and someone who knows what angle to take a photo from.

We the photos ready we worked with the owners to put together a website with their words and john’s images to create the website. Its a brochure style website that is content managed and thus giving the owners full control over the content and the ability to edit text and changes things on the site.

We finalised the layout with the owners and put the site live. After that we submitted it to the various search engines and went about our work on the link building and creating inward bound links to the site. Without this phase of the project the website would never get found !

We wish them the very best with their website and continued success with the business.

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Grants for Websites

There are grants available from the local Enterprise boards for the setting up a website for your business. The applications open in January of each year and with the boom in online trading we highly recommend getting in touch with them sooner than later

In Wexford they offer up to 50% of the cost of the website or up to €1,000. So give them a call and download their application. Then give us a call and we will go through the application with you and quote you for the website.

Tel: 053 9430748

Wexford Enterprise board

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Santa in Wexford

As one of the longest established business in North Wexford, Kia Ora Mini Farm are the ones to beat when it comes to the real Santa Experience in County Wexford. Now in its 22nd year of Santa visiting the farm the guys are Kia Ora really know how to put on a show. They asked me to update their website and put up some the information about their Christmas Winter Wonderland that they put on I realised it was time to revisit the farm and see it for myself.

As a mini farm that is bustling with tourists during with summer months I was delighted to see how them transformed the entire farm into an entire Winter Wonderland and I was delighted to see this for myself as it them made me decide that putting a small bit of into on their website was not enough to demonstrate the experience that the public need to know about.

So with that in mind I know it was time to redesign the entire site and show the site visitors what they could expect when they decide to visit santa in North Wexford. We needed fresh new images and so I called John Timmons from Glasgorman Computers who is a keen photographer and also understand technology so he was an ideal choice.

Then armed with fresh images of the farm in its “Winter wonderland” form I upgraded their websites design and removed the older info on Halloween and Easter and just published the information people needed to know about the farm and what they can expect when they go. One of the key things I learned was that Kia Ora have had a Santa visit them for over 20 years, That’s thousands of kids in the area have grown up a traditional visit to Kia Ora each year. Now some of those kids have kids of their own and still return to Kia Ora and that was one of my inspirations into the revamp of the site, People with this amount of experience in dealing with children and animals and Santa all at the one time MUST be experts !




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Roof Repairs in Dublin 6

I was recommended to a Dublin 6 based company who specialise in the maintenance of roofs. They had a website but it was a little bit dated in terms of the technology and how it could help them promote their business on-line. I called into them in Rathgar at their office and sat down and talked with the owner Robert Lewis.

A very well established with over 40 years experience in the industry and so they must be doing something right. So after the meeting with Robert I set about revamping the site and putting the new on-line marketing strategy into action. I did the usual things like redirecting the old pages to the new ones to the spiders re-index the new site etc and then started working with the admin department on gathering information about their services and products they offer.

They had got a website early on in business, but were not aware that the Internet has changed and that people now expect more from a website. It’s not just a place to find your telephone number, it should give you more details about the products and services and be of help to your users.

Roofing Contractors in Dublin 6

Google’s Algorithm too has grown up and is not content with a 5 pages website. They now look as so many aspects of the site to make sure it good enough to return as answer for a persons search phrase. So when I was in the content gathering phase of the website I really got to see that these guys are big and have been roofing contractors in Dublin for over 40 years.   Therefore I had to do them justice and work on a website that would give people the information they need when they are researching on-line about roof repair and dealing with leak and storm damage in the Dublin area.

I learned that Roofing Experts & Co provide a full a one-stop-shop for everything involved in roofs and the making, repairing and maintenance of them. I also learned that flat roofs have a shelf live and often it can be just over 10 years and after that the weather and elements can cause the materials to lose their effectiveness and that is when leaks start. I assumed that is was not a technical job, but rather a case of “splashing around the roof with some hot mops” but I count not have been as wrong.  The techniques involved have got a lot more complicated over the years it was explained to me and the materials have become very advanced in their application. Roofs are of course have been around for years, but due to the advances in the waterproofing membranes and the sealants used in their construction, roofs have advanced too and so Architects and Engineers are able to design roofs to withstand harsher and tougher workloads.

These guys deal with factory roofs, gutter repair, domestic roofs, flat roof, garage roofs, restoration work on Georgian building in many of Dublin’s famous squares such as Fitzwilliam square, Ely Place, Merrion square, Mount joy square, Parnell square etc. I always assumed that it was just domestic repairs that they dealt with but it was explained to me that they actually to new roof build for business and industrial building too.  So I advised them that it would be great if they had any “Thank you’s” or references that we could put them onto the website and let their customers explain about the work these guys have carried out over the years. They have loads of them and so they are now starting to upload them to the site and this area will grow as they scan in the thank you letters and upload them.

Roofers with Insurance !

Apparently this is a really big problem in the industry and many people will get a “company” to fix their roof and then there are further problems and when sh1t does hit the fan it turns out that the roofing contractor hadn’t got insurance and I was glad to see their insurance certificate on their old website and proudly displayed on the wall of their offices in Rathgar.

Being in business for over 40 years is about being able to stand the test of time and I really think that these guys are doing just that. They are keeping up to date with the methods and standards the industry requires and when i asked if they had any images  of some of the work they carried out over years they showed me their roofing photo album.

The take photos of all the work and are able to show a before and after for their work, they have hundreds of folders of photos. It was a web designers dream and it meant that I didn’t have to get up on the roofs and take the photos myself ! But it was also for them to work with Insurance companies and loss Assessors after their has been either storm damage or a leaking roof that is covered under a house insurance policy. I learn something new every day and I am enjoyed my time with these Roofing Experts.

Well done guy’s and gal’s.

Good Job


Laptop Sales in Gorey, Co. Wexford

We were asked to give a website a make over for Enzone Computers in Gorey. Their previous web presence was not appropriate for where the business is heading nor the services they offer these days. Originally an Internet Cafe and business now offers a full Sales and support service to the North Wexford area.

Headed up by Peter Lynch, he has changed the business model and continues to adapt the business to changes in technology and the computer industry. Selling pc’s and laptops to now working with tablets and mobile phones.

If it has a screen on it . . . they can replace it !

The old website was built using standard html and was only 3 or 4 pages, the new site is built using the latest in Open Source software and is fully content managed allowing the control to be easily put back into Peter’s hands. We discussed various aspects of website design and on-line marketing with Peter and finally choose the software and design that would best suit his ever expanding business. The new site is fully optimised for use on Laptops, Pc’s, iphone, Android and tablet’s.

Some of Enzone’s services include: Computer Sales, Laptop Repair, Virus Removal, Data Transfer, Date Backup, Computers for Schools, Computer Support

Our Services Provided:

  • Domain Name Management
  • Business Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Website Marketing
  • Link building
  • Training


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Armstrong Interiors – Dublin

Armstrong InteriorWe were happy to be asked by Sally Ann Armstrong to help her get her business on-line. This well established Dublin Interior design business has worked hard over the years to give her clients the layout they wish for their house, apartment  and commercial building.  We had previously secured the domain name for Sally and she had used it for a while and now it was time to go a step further and create the website itself.

Interior Design V’s Website Design

Over the years we have worked with Interior Designers and we know that they are sticklers to detail and they know what they want. So it was a great challenge to worth with another designer in terms of dealing with design concepts v’s real life use.  This is the very same as Sally’s work as she deals with real life uses of her designs and the also making her clients happy. She has to come up with a concept that will please both the client and the end users.

Giving the client what they want but also knowing that they are not actually designing for them but instead the end user. Web design is the exact same, we are making the website for Armstrong Interiors, but in actual fact we are creating it for her potential clients.

We hope that we have created a balance of both in this Joomla based website. Its a fully content managed site allow Sally to take control of her on-line brand and demonstrate her skills to the best of her capabilities.


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Hopkins & Co Solicitors

We are please to announce the launch of the new website for Hopkins & Co Solicitors. They are a Dublin based practice based in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. The area’s of Law that they cover are

We would like to wish Clodagh and her team the very best with the new website.

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Courtown Harbour Website

New website for Courtown Harbour, Co. Wexford

New website for Courtown Harbour, Co. Wexford

We decided it was time to showboat new technology that is available on the web and mobile these days. So with that decision made we set about the revamping of the website for Courtown Harbour in the Sunny Southeast of Ireland in Co. Wexford.

The domain has been used for various purposes over the years as we have allowed various groups and organisation to use it, but its primary purpose is always to help and promote this seaside resort that I have spent over 40 years enjoying since I stepped on the beach in 1972 !!

Fashions have changed, Hairstyles have changed but families going to Courtown for their annual holidays is still a major part of Irish culture in this part of the world. Whether it’s a mobile home in one of the many caravan parks or a private house in one of the many lane ways and by roads, Courtown is not closer to Dublin than ever before with the upgrading of the N11 to the M11.

Choose an activity?

So too has technology changed and people  use of the amenity, the Internet. We are now a much more in tune with researching our holiday destinations and using the website to search out activities before we even grab out keys. So we have created a new site to help these browsing online to find out more about the area.  And for those who want have grabbed their keys and want to research we have created an iPhone and Android version too. Its this adapting to peoples need that Courtown itself have done too over the years. It now caters for Self Catering holiday makers wanting a full “home away from home”  style of holiday.

List of Activities in Courtown and the local area

List of Activities in Courtown and the local area

Its also not just about indoor amusements (that are great for a rainy day too) but has eco-friendly and healthy outdoor family activities such as the Gravity Extreme Adventure located in the Forest Park Leisure Centre. It’s all outdoors and great for a family afternoon out.The new site is built using a content management system with the ability for multiple user to access and update the site. This will be rolling out over the coming months and years as we hope that volunteers will step forward to off their help in keeping this 200 page website fresh with news and events for what I believe will be a great resource for visitors and residents now choose to live in the Courtown area all year round.

Choose a Language?

Choose a Language ?

With many visitors also coming from abroad and also living in Co. Wexford we decided to add in the Language functionality that allows them to choose the language they would prefer to use the site in. This is an automated service offered by Google and we have asked a few people to test it and apparently its very accurate so we are happy to use it. The way the site was created and the way we made the menu system in text rather than images means that the translate tool will do a complete conversion of the site and every menu and page will appear in the chosen language.We are happy with the results and hope that it gets the message about our lovely little village across to everyone!

Lets be social !!

Someone asked me once, “Who writes the Internet?” We all do, I’m writing this, this is on-line, this is the Internet! That said we also know that having a website is great, but really people habits have changed and therefore we know that there is no point have a website without a method getting that to the masses. Social Media website like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are all sites that share information and so we set about making sure that we integrated social media into the site.

Social Media for Courtown Harbour

Social Media for Courtown Harbour

Social Media for Courtown Harbour This way, visitors to the site have the ability to let their friends know about the site and in fact individual pages if they wish. Statistics tell us that people are often on the likes of Facebook when they are browsing the web, so with this in mind the sites ability to allow visitors to instantly “Like” a page or an attraction means that it tells all their friends about it instantly. With the average Facebook users having a couple of hundred friends we estimate that the social feature will bring the site to hundreds of thousands now. This really demonstrate the power of the web over traditional means of advertising and marketing.

People like to look !

With broadband speeds increasing each day and the use of cameras now in an everyday use, we decided to add a Gallery Section to the site to show off the wonders of a little village throughout the year. We then went a step further and made up

Photos & Videos of Courtown Harbour

Photos & Videos of Courtown Harbour

a few videos to show off the local amenities and attractions in the area. We are not “Film Makers”. We are just people who appreciate our village and what it offers us and our families so the videos are just to give people a flavour of the area. We know that over time more and more visitors to the area will make their own movies of the area and upload them to YouTube etc so then we can just link and share those ones with out visitors.Our gallery is made of a few images we have taken over the years and ones the people have sent in to use. We would love to have photos sent in of people’s experiences in the area and we will of course give them their acknowledgement for them too .

Maps of Courtown

Google came to our little village and drove around using their black batman style carto photograph the village and use this in their famous Google Maps tool.

Maps of Courtown

We have started to integrate this into the site and over the next few months will continue to embed this into every aspect of the site. Knowing that there are great local attractions is great but to have an exact map to locate each one is even better.  The current map is just one of over 11 that we have created and will are rolling these out over the coming weeks. They take time to create and we continue to update them each week. As times goes by the site will change as the stats will tell us what users are looking for and request, so the maps and other aspects will grow dynamically demonstrating how this medium works best. It changes, it adapts to people needs.

The same way Courtown Harbour has.



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Help Google Help You !

When we are starting off a project we always advice the client start with putting up a holding page with some content to get the search engines interested. It is often the case that we hear of people putting up a site and then later getting a call to say its not on the first page of Google.

This may sound funny to some, but in reality it is often assumed that getting to the top of Google is an easy task and an overnight event. For many on the other hand will know that unfortunately its not that easy. This is one of the reasons why then we register a domain name and set up a hosting pack for customers that we will put up a basic page with some “food for the robots” to use whilst the site itself is being developed.

This is an example of what I mean, a single HTML style page with a logo, a few images and about 5 paragraphs of content. Its not Shakespeare, but it’s a good way to giving Google a helping hand in finding your site once its ready to go. At least they will know the URL by that stage.

Call Dave Jordan on 053 9430748 if you would like to know more about setting up a site for your business.

Looking for Carpenters in Co. Wicklow?

Carpenters in WiclkowWe were delighted to be asked to create a website for an experienced Wicklow carpenter. Gavin Franey is the owner of Upgrade Homes Ireland based in Co. Wicklow. Gavin has worked in the industry for many years and have completed all sorts of carpentry work from entire wood framed houses to building under stair storage units.

Upgrade Homes Ireland

During a few meetings with Gavin, it became apparent that he really knows his industry, from his studying of carpentry to the major building projects his company has been part of. Nowadays Gavin’s business covers all areas of carpentry including

Services provided include domain name management, web hosting, website design, online marketing, link building. We would like to wish Gavin and his team the very best in the future. 

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Boarding Kennels in Gorey, Co. Wexford

Boarding Kennels in Gorey, co. Wexford

Boarding Kennels in Gorey, Co. Wexford

Just found this little site from a client our ours and wanted to share it with the world. Its a boarding kennels in Gorey, Co. Wexford.  The kennels are a small family run business located about 10 minutes from Gorey and about 15 minutes from Arklow Co. Wicklow.

Michael and his family run a dairy farm up in the hills near Hollyfort and their farm is the ideal location to keep your pet knowing that they are in the hands of people who care for animals for a living.

They have purpose buildings for the kennels that include a separate pen for each pet that also links to a separate outdoor area for each pooch too ! They also have a heat lamp for those needed some pampering whilst on their holidays.

Because its only a small Kennels, you can be assured that each pet is given its exercise time and able to mix with other pets if you wish.

Michael is an easy going guy and its obvious from early on when you met him that this is part of his life and you will drive away with full confidence that you dog is in the best of hands. He also communicate by phone, so dont email him, Text him or give him a call on the mobile!

His page is :

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Self Catering in Wexford

Self Catering WexfordOne of our long established local customers asked us to look at moving their existing website to a new content managed version. After a meeting we choose a system that would suit the clients needs and budget and in this day and age a customers budget will often dictate the final product. Before we set about changing anything we had to look at the sites stats, as their is no point removing one of their most popular pages!

We backed up the old site, installed the new content management system with the various needed plugins such as Contact Form, Mapping and Gallery system. We then did the data migration and populated the site with the data from the old site.

We then logged into the hosting system and created forwarding URL’s from the old site to the new site pages. This means that any of the old pages that were listed in search engines will now be pointed to the new pages. This is a part of the process that other web designers may leave out but I personally believe is an important part of search engine optimisation and maintaining the sites position in search engines.

This ability to manage the sites content and layout will also mean that Bryanna and her team at the Old Deanery selfcatering cottages can now keep the site fresh with the new gallery system and also the things to do section has changed a lot in the South East and now she can update this from her own kitchen. No need to contact the web guy any more and ask him to update the site and then be billed for it ! DIY is King in 2012

Best of luck with the new site guys.

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