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Does Duplicate Content matter?

Does Duplicate Content matter? This is question that people should be asking themselves. We believe that it does matter as search engines read your content they are are the first ones to notice that you have taken/stolen web copy from another website. Google official line on this matter can be view here.

How do I get on top of Google?

The old expression of “If I had a penny for every time someone said that” is exactly how google are making their money. If you want to be on top of google overnight, it’s simple just pay them. It’s called Pay Per Click Advertising and google will accommodate you and you budget. It’s also a kind of closed bid method so you won’t know exactly how much it costs to get there, so you will …

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Is traditional Advertising Dying?

Yet again,  we get in an enquiry this morning clearly stating that the company are making a move away from the traditional advertising of printed adverts in the major directories and now concentrating their efforts on line. I personally saw this happening back in the last 90’s when the newspapers in Ireland started putting their content on-line. Now it seems that the average SME in Ireland understands that the Internet is actually the better option …

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How much does a website cost?

One of the most common question we get asked. The answer is it depends on what your looking for and what you need your website to do. Pricing a website can go from as little as a €250.00 euro to €250,000.00 euro. We sit down with our clients and go through their needs, Identifying their target market, the purpose of the website, what they want achieve from the website, is the business model transferring online …

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What are the Pros and Cons to Content Management?

Content Management is a tool. To use it correctly a person needs to understand their responsibility for the website they are working on. Being able to edit the text and images often leads to questions like, What should I write on my website? Does it Matter What i write on my website? These are qeuestions that we are asked all the time. The simple answer is YES. Just because someone has a pen does not …

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What is Content Management on Websites?

Content Management in website terms means to give the owner/business the ability to edit and amend the content on their website themselves. With a small amount of training a client can get the full advantages of the internet and and website for their business. Content Management Systems (C.M.S) comes in many shapes and sizes so make sure to ask as many questions as you wish when looking for the correct system for your company.

Website Designers in Wexford

We have received a number of calls over the past few months regards companies looking for “legitimate” website designers in Wexford. There has been a big increase in the number of people claiming that they are website designers. We have been trading since 1999, Our Offices are located at: Cada Media Ltd Unit 6 – 8, Rosc House, John Street, Gorey, Co. Wexford. When choosing a web development company please make sure to look for …

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How do I update my Blog?

With development in technology everyday, it is gettig easier and easier to update your blog. With the roll out of broadband across the country and mobile use gaining strenght too, Blogs/websites can now be updated with your home pc, office computer, mobile phone, PDA, iPhone to name a few. We have one client who updates their blog soley by their mobile phone and this is able to handle their text and image uploads too. Just …

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Do i need a Blog? Should i get a Blog?

A Blog can be run by yourself or you can hire a PR company to manage it for you. Really we would suggest that you manage it as you know your own business. Getting someone else to write about your industry can be tricky to say the least. It your business You manange it is the best policy. It is the fasted way to get news about your industry onto the net and out there …

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What is a blog?

A Blog is a type of “News” feature to a website or can be the entire site. It allows you to add, edit and amend text and images with the use of a simply content management system.

Castle Cabinets – Launch site.

We are happy to launch a new website for “Castle Cabinets” in Kilkenny. The website is based on php, mysql, css and we also provide them with hosting.

ESB in Gorey

It’s back!!! . . . and all our clients data is secure.

Electricity Surges in Gorey

We are expierencing electricity surges in Gorey and surrounds today and have closed the offices and we are all working from other locations and our office in Dublin is open as usual. We have installed surge protectors to prevent any data loss, These have kicked in and worked fine, but to ensure absolute security to our data, we have powered down all our machines. Power is scheduled to be restored later today.

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My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address?

My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address? The answer is yes if you have not renewed your domain name with us then it “expires”. This means that the domain is put on ice for sixty days until it is then let go back onto the market. If you have dot com domain name then it could be worse news. These generally get bought us by Asian companies over night and …

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Spam Spike

We have had a number of calls asking about certain email addresses getting over 250 Emails in one go. This have been reported on two domains and we are looking into it. One quick search on the net today shows that this is a current problem this week and the origin of many of these spams are from eastern block countries. Emails come in as if the client was the sender and says they are …

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